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We are at war 01 Jun 2022 17:33 #11991

  • Victoria R. Laux
  • Victoria R. Laux's Avatar Topic Author
We are at war, and we are sleeping. It's not guns, fighter jets, or even the hydrogen bomb that is being hurled at America.

First Advance: "Legal" illegal immigration of people from other countries through our southern border. These people are being flown and bussed to cities all over our country by our federal administration using our inflated taxes to attach us.

Second Advance: Indoctrinate our kids from kindergarten through university that we are a racist country and therefore should feel guilty and allow everyone to walk all over us, take our resources, and rob us of all of our constitutional rights.

Third Advance: Make voting practice a sham by secretly stuffing voting boxes, not requiring ID to vote, and allowing noncitizens to vote.

Fourth Advance: Causing inflation to run rampant by overspending on nonessential projects and using the main media to make the public think that these "pet projects" are necessary and must be done with higher taxes to "save us" from "climate change" that is hyped up to be more than just cyclical.

When will people in this country wake up to what is happening right in front of their faces?

"Seeing but not believing" until it is too late. America! Take the blinders off of your eyes and stop letting these practices continue. We are being duped, robbed, and conquered with no bloodshed. These wounds can't be healed with bandages, nor with destructive weapons.

Wake up, America! Open your eyes and see the enemy at your front and back doors before it is too late!
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